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nal meal, where it will be tonight? "" I do not know yet, "he said," but I'll call you beeg later when I have booked somewhere "," OK " I said, " but the ring Annie and let her know which hotel and room number " "Yes, I am happy " Barry said that his eyes did not deviate from Annie and her smiling back and I could see her nipples clearly visible through her ​​bra and blouse, as I'm sure Barry would Annie said. " Now the boys hopefully have a good night " Then she got up and kissed Barry chek on and said 'happy me, but I do not know what I use," Barry said : " Annie, you always look so good, but if I can ask for something really short, and then a very tight top and a pair beeg of high heels to do it for me "and he gave me £ 50-00 Annie laughed and said," well you better go buy some treasures that Barry had not excites you "Annie took the money and the SMIout, as she moved her ass beeg to both of us and said, "If I go to all these problems better than Barry Rejoice call me all the information about the hotel" Oh, I have no fear, "said Annie, and then he us left to shop. Barry and then discussed business and if he was willing to go, I asked if I cared what flirting with AnnieI said " no, it's good to see that we admire, but you know, Annie is old enough to be your mother, right? beeg "" Yes, "said Barry, " but she is beautiful and I always leave here Annie fantasies ! "Now we will wait for his imagination and my son tonight true, then !" Then he went to Annie 's promise ring with your hotel details. An hour later, Annie was all smiles asked, " Does the team, let cool to him? " " Oh, yes, I think you'll like that," she replied, "Let's see, then " " Oh no, "said Annie," can be seen that tonight the media shortly before Barry " then the phone rang and it was Barry Annie we know whereshe was told to meet him there around 7. 30, but before he finished the conversation, I asked if the room beeg had a bed and what he said, she smiled and said "oh well we are good about 7 -30 see, I hope you agree with my team " Annie smiled at me and my att went all the way home and I went and ran for two one was a rape and changed and left her even before she opened TEPS but before you do, when everything has gone well for those who do Id be uncomfortable and leave the two together when Annie came down the stairs, I shouted, " do you think Ike Barry is my team," he said, "Oh Babe bet, he loves me, is can be maintained, to keep their hands off "Annie has a little twist, so I got the full effect of the clothes he wore almost! Did you look from top to bottom, my lovely wife is a very tight white top that was a little over one shoulder and because, obviously, were enjoying a bra top and accenutatted every part of their beeg nice firm tits, her skirt was too tight at the waist, but then broke their hips, but I just covered them, and when she stood up and someone assumed it was possible to see her thong pure V the fron
Quotes t and when she turned beeg around the beeg series was visible, when it came to f of the crack tip of his tight ass cheeks, Annie costume was just a pair of white shoes stiletoe high, the kinds of things, a cake had been wearie ready beeg ready, to touch, when a horn sounded outside, and beeg the taxi arrived, we went and got in ad- driver a good view of the legs of Annie, a phrase she had told him that we know what hotel wanted, and it took but I could see through the mirror, looking at Annie when we reached the hotel, I paid it, as Annie, I got if I was working all night asked, said yes, so I asked for a map , with its number in what might be called later, he smiled and said, "good for her to go home," could only have pick that on their own later, " I said, he said :" I look forward to ! " I joined Annie and I, we went to the hotel, I smiled when he saw people who admire men and women are seeking this woman her age dressed like a slut teen Digusted we saw was a reception to ask the receptionist saw Annie Barry up and down and shouted Barry room when he said, she said : " There's a lady and a gentleman to" I saw Annie and whispered, "Well, it is almost certain theres a bitch is for him no! "Annie nudged me and said not to be rude to you !" and laughed. The girl behind the counter of Siad Barry join us at the bar shortly. We went in and was busy, and there was only one place in the main hall and a stool, it could mean that everything in Annie, who was stretched in his chair and crossed his legs the waiters seemed to appear suddenly not wherre I smiled and said you can help people Iordred a Bacardi and Coca -Cola for Annieand a pint for me. When Barry finished the drinks finally arrived, and saw Annie and said, " Wow Annie, you look great! " He rose from his chair and kissed him, but this full time in the mouth is not on the cheek, as I said in the shop: "You see two IM does not feel at my best, do you mind if I ask you to dinner together, shoot and go home, sending home only if his will Barry," I said, "with much I will like shes happy, " said Annie said," are you okay my love "I lent over and kissed her and whispered " I'm not so hot as fuck do you think Barry and I woke up when you come and tel me everything, "said " Do not worry, I tell you, every bit," I laughed and said : "I hope that is not little and then said : By the way, if you come home, call this number of the taxi driver who brought us Tonigh he wants, he said " d get home safely. I went home to wait to find out what happened to her and she and Barry on dreamnt next thing I remember is aI never wake up March 00 Clock stroking my cock. She started telling me everything that happened and ill tell you about it on Wednesday when meanwhie the second part of this post history if you want to know more about them, please contact me at robertcharles35hotmail. com for more information and pictures andi will tell you everything about your night


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I have my first story of my dear wife Annie in early August and Annie Charles curiously called an adventure and a lot of that seemed to enjoy it, I, I had another can do. For those of you who have not read what I describe you and those who have read it I'm sure again I think I enjoy to take with us. Annie is 54, but younger ooks has a very pretty face and blonde hair is in good shape and always well dressed and sometimes dressed emotion. She is 5'5 and weighs about 10 stones said she wished she was 9 stone ! His character is the same God for a woman her age, and she is showing a size 12 dress size four feet and loves to help bring high heels, 36 26 37 body. I love the admiration of other men and I love the idea, guys, it 's dirty, or better still with her ! to my second story begins at breakfast, when I talk to my dream of the former Annie told her how hot it was in my dreamformer toyboy beeg someone was around 24, now has a daughter Annie at that age the idea of her being fucked by a beeg young man at that age a real turn on for me. When I mentioned it in detail Annie laughed and said : "I'd be so happy," but I realized that she liked the idea, that might her nipples were hard against her white blouse, as we prepared to go to work. see She was in a tight white blouse with a pretty transparrent beautiful white lace bra underneath, was dressed in a tight knee-length black skirt, but with a split in the side of almost reached the thighs, " love the idea of ​​teasing people, when at work, wearing beeg bright flat beeg expected and a pair of black stileetoes with a 4 "heel, he said: " Annie, my dear, how are you today could pull looking for people of all ages "" Now we must see we maintain, "he said as we got to work. We work in the trade of furniture retail and usually full of men Annie gets a lot ofThe attention. any case, I had thought at work is no longer in my dream, and at least not me, I do not know beeg if Annie thought about it, but at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, a salesman, a young man named Barry, beeg who was strangley enough just 24 years, who had been asking us for about 12 months, and while he was a reputation I would describe it as a form beeg of the world liked Annie innocent and because of this and have always flirted with him, increasingly beeg referred to in the store. Whe he saw Annie Barry smiled and said : "Hello Barry Bob could simply respond to your dream! " And winked as he said. He saw us both type and stammered : " Sounds interesting, but I would rather answer to your dreams, Annie !" You luaghed and said, "You never know, might be one and the same thing" gave up and turned his chair and hit his legs, as she has and the top of her stockings (hold -up stockings) for me and admire Barry said: " Well, I'm a stay atIn the city tonight and tomorrow maybe we should all drink anything ! "" Barry sounds like fun, "he replied," but what do we have a commu